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TOPFM & TOPTV Where It All Happens!VIDEO

Posted by TOP FM Mauritius on Saturday, 12 December 2015

TOP FM has been officially launched on 31st December 2002. It is the leading radio station in Mauritius targetting 24 hours the Mauritian people at large. TOP FM has a well established audience in both urban and rural regions. Our core audience is situated between 15 - 50 years.

With a high loyalty audience and widely distributed among the different regions of the island and in the working population across different age group, TOP FM has been consistently providing its commercial partners with high returns on their investments.  With an Audience Loyalty exceeding 65% and an Opportunity to Hear (OTH) of over 1,800, 000 every week, TOP FM the Number 1 Radio Station over 24 Hours, is the Ultimate Cost Effective Advertising Solution.

7th Floor,
The Peninsula Caudan
2A Falcon Street Port Louis

Tel: 213 2121
Fax: 213 2222
News: 213 1919
Studio: 213 7777
Sales & Marketing: 213 6666