This is how a four year old boy got pregnant in West Bengal

In one of the rarest medical cases, a four year old boy from West Bengal was recently found pregnant. The case came to light after the child complained of persistent pain in the stomach. Bizarre as it may sound, according to reports it is not as strange a thing as it may sound.

In medical terms, it is called ‘foetus in fetu’ where mother conceives twins. However, instead of both the embryos developing in mother’s belly, one embryo reaches the body of another embryo through umbilical cord and starts feeding on it. In other words, it is a case of one child growing inside of other child while still in mother’s womb.

On further checking it was found that while the child inside the 4 year old was in a vegetative state where the brain and heart kept working but rest all remained dead, however it was a fully developed foetus. It kept living inside like a parasite.

Last, similar case was reported from China where a young girl child was mothering her twin inside her belly. This was reported in 2009.

source: Daily Bhaskar

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