Taurus Astro Predictions 2016

Year 2016 promises a splendid start for Taureans during the first half, bringing lots of joy and happiness in the areas of love, travel, media relations, writing, courage and field of arts. Furthermore, the first half will begiving favorableresults in the field of speculative business, gambling and for those married with children will seea positive impact because of children and their growth. But be grounded and work sensibly and avoid taking things for granted. The second half can lead to bit of stress and tensions at the work place, with family and loved ones.Be grounded andfocus on your diplomacy skills to win over your opponents. For those planning for long term business, it is better check with elders and dear ones for advice before taking a plunge.Family happiness and good health are prerequisite for having a good life and it is important to focus on those key aspects every day. Overall it is a balanced year for your sign.





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