Gemini Astro Predictions 2016

The first half of the year will be filled with activities.This will be the perfect time for learning new work skills, hiring new employees and competing against rivals. You manage to take action in legal related matters.For some of you there will be strong desires to move residence to a foreign country. You need to be get disciplined and held back in your airy attitude. Be careful with Mother and relations with mother may have some minor tussles. Keep a healthy relationship with mother. Be prudent in your expendituresand spend within your means this year.You might feel like spending some alone time for spirituality and introspection. Yoga and meditation would be helpful with any sleep disorder, so start breathing right. The second half of the year will be interesting and for some it will be matters related to the partnership, lady love and new businesses. People with lost love can find true meaning of love. The relationship will be strenuous but with lot of hardwork and sincerity you will have choicest of blessings. The second half for some of you will give you the mood to speculate and invest in stocks and speculative business. Be careful with investments, stock market and speculative businesses during this time. You will feel that all the hard work done in the past will provide you with positive results. It is still good to be grounded and take steps in calculative manner.





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